Hey 💗Newbees, oldbees, usbees, while the world is in a conundrum 👀 I just wanted to share a brief simple note today about words an emotions.

Words hurt…..I will say it louder, WORDS HURT!

Consider what you say to someone and how you say it, as you never know the impact it may have on who you are talking too. Let’s try to be a lot more verbally kind to one another.

Do you know a word can make the difference to whether a person will choose to live or die…..😪

You don’t have to agree with everything or everyone. It is ok to mutually agree to disagree…there is no need to force one to think or be like you by verbally encouraging them…they are not stupid, dumb or whatever other negative word you can think of.😯

Stop…..words can put someone in a place where they would hurt themselves.

Please reconsider the words you use when speaking with each other in what ever environment, especially now as the world appears much more fragile today.

Words can also heal..a kind word can make a world of difference. Have you ever felt indifferent and someone smiled at you and said “Hello”, did it lift your mood?

Or did you see someone walking and you said hello to them and they had a big smile? 🤗

Use your words wisely….🤔

“Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with metal health issues please get help and know you are not alone”.

You can continue or start to support me by following, liking, sharing and of course rating me here at … you know “Talking with Donna”. Currently you can listen to older mental health information and really good meditation on my podcast also named…you guessed it “Talking with Donna” you can find me on Anchor, Spotify, google, breaker, overcast, pocketcast and radio public.

You can also drop me a line, ask a question or share something  with me or just to say hello. At Talkingwithdonna@gmail.com.

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