What is Mental Illness

As I looked at this title I thought to myself how can I put this information in such a way that it is not text bookish or a cliché, how can I make it informative  for someone that might be in need of understanding what is going on with them or a friend… This is what I felt would be benificial…..Mental illness is a medical condition, it is a wide range of symptoms that can affect individuals both physically and mentally. It can affect an individuals thinking, mood and behavior.  It is more common than people think, according to the National Institute on Mental Health: In a given year: ◦nearly one in five (19 percent) U.S. adults experience some form of mental illness ◦one in 24 (4.1 percent) has a serious mental illness* ◦one in 12 (8.5 percent) has a diagnosable substance use disorder .

It is a treatable condition just as any other medical condition is. The key is to get diagnosed. Once you are diagnosed treatment can begin and a dialogue with your provider can start you on the road to geting better.

Treatment can not begin with out the professional knowing what the problem is. You would not go to the medical doctor and expect him to guess what is wrong with you with out investigating by asking questions about the problem. Well, expect when you go to see a mental health professional that they are going to do an initial interview sometimes over the phone or in person at your first appointment.

We are all nervous at our first doctors appointment … at least I was. Here are some things you might consider taking with you or trying to remember for your first appointment: medication information, insurance card/medical card, your ID, your doctors information, if you need to bring someone for support ask when you make the appointment if it is ok. Ask when you make the appointment if there is anything you need to bring. Last but not least be honest with your mental health professional…they can not help you if you don’t talk honestly about what you are experiencing.