Hey 💗Newbees, oldbees, usbees, while the world is in a conundrum 👀 and I went missing, I have done many things.

I have tea and cookies, go get you something as I have a lot to share with you today….man have I missed you😪. I’m glad to see you…ok I’m going to wait a minute while you get yourselves together and grab a seat ….not over there….come on now , sit over there it’s enough room for all of us…..ok, I see we are all here.

First, let me say it is soooo good to see you and thank you for your continual support. So where did I leave off…oh yes 5 months ago…um. I have been in constant motion so I will try my best to give you a break down of my time spent….hello….where are you going to the bathroom…ok. We are going to continue…you come back and pick up….

I have some mental health tips to share. While due to this virus we are in what I like to call a holding stage right now, [I won’t assume everyone knows what a holding stage is so, a holding stage is a period in your life you are or feel like you are at a standstill…you can’t go left or right] this is the way I see this time it’s not a negative view or feeling for me. I fill my days with movement and non movement, although it is a good lead into….tada you guessed it….5months of living in coronavirus.

I have learned to down load pictures from my phone to wordpress at the end of this conversation I hope I can share the long awaited mexico trip…🤞🏾.

I have several lossess from family members to pets. I am only able to share my feelings on my pets. I have not processed my family loss enough to share with you. I have had two chiuahuas. Rudy, male, apple head and Rosie, female, deer. Rosie passed a while back she was 17 years old my grand sons help me pick them out from a nice home. We where so hurt when she left us. Rudy is only 2 years, Rosies mate passed the year before he was an apple head he was 16 years old and that’s why we got Rudy. I recenly got another girl I am not sure how much chiuahua she has in her but we love her she is a litte spit fire.

So, I have been retired since December of last year let’s see…🤔um..don’t help me count I’m not that old 😂. Ok, its been… 10 months…I cheated y’all…I looked at the calendar and counted backwards from this month🤗….oh by the way happy September.

We have finally….finally finished packing our home🎆🥳. Oh what a feeling, it is most satisfying. It took a lot of time recording labeling and packing a seven room home that we, [my husband and I ] have lived in. You don’t realize how much stuff you have aquired until you have to move. I gave a lot of things away and still had more than I could use so when I get where we are going I will again unload a lot and have a yard sale or take it to the goodwill or a shelter if these places will still take things.

Our house is on the market and has been for 48 days we have been in the number one spot off and on, on zillow 😂 for 40ty of those days. We have had in the last 30ty days 1096 views, 85 saves, 15 lookie loos, 1 contract that fell through because the person was laid off due to coronavirus. We recently dropped the price by 10,000.00. That’s fine we are in a good place. I am ready to go. I have work to do in other areas and I feel the pull.

With this virus so much is unknown so…I try to stay with what I do know.

I know that I, as you are an important part of this world and when 1 link is broken, hurt or impaired in any way we all suffer the consequences. To me…it is our…yours and mine to do what we can to assist. I know that love has been and is what is required to heal.

I know to put one foot in front of the other to start momentum….even when you see you can not move another muscle…start with a twitch….that’s right I said it….a twitch…move your toe a finger anything, just move.

I know this virus, this election, this….has a lot of us all discombobulated. You have cleaned until you can’t clean anymore and some of us ain’t clean sh… well you know what I mean..and guess what people it is ok….really it is.

I know this is a time where some of us are alone and no matter how much the tv, magazines, social media and even I say it’s not so you still feel like that. For those of you who do…😪..I ask that you seek assistance please we need you. There are all kind of virtual support systems out there now, some are free: CIMHS.com it is a 8 week interactive therapy program for depression. There are various ones you can google, like I just did. (I am in no way getting paid to promote CIHS.com, I just googled free virtual therapy, read what they did. It appears to be valid).

Remember to increase your good chemicals in your body by deep breathing, stretching, running in place….if you have children make a game of it…see who can do more, it’s ok to let them win it boosts there confidence. Anyway, I have to go vegitate…miss you guys and will visit real soon, oh no we have not moved yet to Las Vegas…..soon…real soon. And let’s see here are a couple of pictures from the long awaited trip….💋

“Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with metal health issues please get help and know you are not alone”.

You can continue or start to support me by .following, liking, sharing and of course rating me here at … you know “Talking with Donna”. Currently you can listen to older mental health information and really good meditation on my podcast also named…you guessed it “Talking with Donna” you can find me on Anchor, Spotify, google, breaker, overcast, pocketcast and radio public.

You can also drop me a line ask a question or share something with me or just to say hello. At Talkingwithdonna@gmail.com.

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