Me, retirement, life, mental health….all that and then some….

It’s been a while since I have talked with you guys😯…so heres a short catch up on me as I am still in packing mode.

One would think “well how much stuff do you have?” I’ll answer that for you….um let me see….10+ rooms to pack.

Some might say that’s not a lot. It really depends on a number of variables. Let’s look at some for me, now these are not everyone variables (I’m sure a couple of you are like this…come on tell the truth….👀).

Ok I’m getting side tracked…here are some of my variables: how long you have lived in your space dictates for some how much stuff you accumulate; have you been carrying around special moments or none essential stuff, for me it’s both; how you pack, do you go room by room? I am packing room by room.

It’s really that serious for me….ug I hate 😩 the process, love the out come🏡…I thought I would have more time since I have retired.

That is a good intro into my next subject….retirement🤗.
It’s been about 36 days I think give or take a couple of days since I have been retired.

What have I been doing you asked…I have been to mexico and back that was wonderful. When I figure out how to post the pictures and (don’t forget) have the time I will post them😶.
I have been working my way through tying up all the procedures that come along with retirement.

It’s not as steam lined as getting the job. There have been many changes. Today my sister and I was discussing who’s bright idea in the government was it to have you only recieve the last three years (give or take a year or two) of your social security retirement that you have paid into for more than 30ty years….🤨. Wheres the rest of my money or your money….”Oh what a wicket web we weave when we actually do decieve”…yes, I rewrote it to fit how I feel just about now over this issue….its like how dare you steal my money…so that’s enough of that. It can make you feel some kind of way.

I have been reviewing information I will be sharing concerning mental health care in various countries.

So please bear with me as I continue to go through this moving process I am hoping to be in my new home around mid spring.

I thank you all for your continued support and following ❤.

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Again, I appreciate the opportunity to share with you….Donna💋