Small towns….

We are driving back to the midwest from Corpus Christi Tx., it is 3:56am, I have to go really bad. Go where? To the bathroom….

My husband who has been driving for 12 hours inorder to accommodate my bladder issue picked up speed and was doing 90mph in a 70mph area was pulled over. He was not aware of his speed as he was trying to get to an exit.

Nice officer Cohan asked for appropriate documentation gave him a ticket not a warning a straight out ticket.

My husband has never had a ticket for anything….I am annoyed as the area we were in has historically been known sundown town.

Just my rant for an early morning. This is what I do known people pay attention to where you are and what you are doing…think what you like, I know better.

What does this have to do with mental health?  A lot…how. Well let me see…..driving while black in a historically racist area (not to mention driving while black any where is stressful) and knowing if we were of a different race he would have gotten a warning…

You ask how do I know? This route is well known to me and a couple of my colleagues who have driven the same speed and given only a warning….this was just over the summer and none of us had to go to the bathroom….you go figure.

Anyway my advice wether you are black, blue or a yellow green people eater go to the bathroom…and pay attention to the speed limit sundown town or not….again this is how I feel….

Thank you for accommodating the elephant in the world…


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