Stay tuned

I am currently in Mexico City I have been here for over 9 days, I will share my trip when I get back next week and what else you already know…..Mental Health.

Stay 📻 tuned…

I thank you all again for your continued support and following ❤.

You can continue or start to support me by sharing, liking, rating and following me here on WordPress at “Talking with Donna”.

“Talking with Donna” the podcast is currently on hiatus due to my preparation for relocating to another city,

I will not discontinue our (meaning yours and mine) podcast as people can still listen to past podcast.

I will attempt to provide new material periodically so please continue to listen on these platforms: Anchor, Apple podcast, google pod cast, spotify, breaker, ivercast, pocketcast and public  radio.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to share with you….Donna

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