Giggles and such

“Hey everyone”, today I woke up giggling🤗….yep..giggling. It was quite a different feeling. A warm comfortable feeling of inner knowing😊…🤔

So, as such we will continue our conversation on the process of retirement and mental health.

First,  let me thank everyone “I 👀 you💋”. I appreciate your continued support.

Ok…ok..let me return to our discussion, retirement and mental health, yours mine and ours. “For real now”…

Although it is a new state of being for me, I feel and really think it began when I had my accident last year…a feeling of disconnect. I had been off work for a while. I’m sure many of you have had that feeling. When you have been away from a place for a long time.

If I am honest, at that time and during that time, I had to give myself permission and let go…of my daily ritual of preparing to, arriving at and doing it again life style with daily variations. I am still giving myself permission.

Don’t misunderstand me, this is a process still in motion, regardless of when it began.

I am still in a process of adjustment, acceptance and removing.

With many of us yep, you, me and anyone going through transitions, the process of adjustment has taken many forms and will take many forms too, too, many to discuss right now. 

I’m just going to go on the fly… so, changes in relationships. We will be spending more time at home. Well, I will be in and out until the weather changes…or until we move…which won’t be until the spring…ok, ok, let me get back on track.

Think about what changes you might experiences…I don’t know about you….I look forward to them.

Acceptance…this is not always a choice, it does happen. What is a choice, is how we react or act to what is being presented to us. It is not always pleasant, it is not always easy. In the end what did we learn, observe or witness. Sometimes nothing, sometimes all of the above. Pay attention.

Removing…whether it is a physical process of clearing debree from your physical environment or purging your mental environment remove all things in your life that no longer serve a purpose…it may hurt…in some instances pain is momentary. Give your self time and move on…breath….

Again any transition takes time for adjustments.

Oh….I forgot to Finish telling you about my giggles, it was one of those satisfying happy  feelings.

I was sleep and I felt myself giggling like a child. When I  woke up….at first I was startled…who was that…then I realized it was me. I hope to have many, many more morning giggles…to you my friends may you have giggles in the morning too…🤗.

Stay 📻 tuned…

I thank you all again for your continued support and following ❤.

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Again, I appreciate the opportunity to share with you….Donna