Mental heath and retirement…😶

It’s funny, we never really consider our mental health when considering retiring.

We think of our financial 💵
well being…”I have enough to live in such a way that I am hardly affected?”; “how long will my savings last?”;” how do I prepare?”…

We don’t consider how to replace the socialization of our job with a healthy fulfilling life…(“socialization is not just gossiping at the water cooler or vending machines”) or how do we continue to motivate our minds to promote fertile ground for continued growth🌱.

Now that you are retired it means a whole change of life that some of us move or float effortlessly into and others well, others go blindly hoping things will work out, or it was time but not our time and we get stuck, don’t know what to do with all this time on our hands….

Your mental health during this transitory period (“yep retirement, it’s not a permanent state of being, it is fluid”).. is more important than your financial preparation, just think if you can’t think how are you going to spend your well earned income?

So, while considering retiring also consider “what are you going to do with your self”? Some dreams (left behind for what ever reason)can be brought back to life, you give it breath or you can do nothing at all. What about reconnecting with life….It is your choice…..You are never to old to learn anything…time is a human construct that we adapted to…try unadapting in such away that you can breath…

I am not saying forget your responsibilities in the “real world” Try to reset and hell if that don’t work you can always reject and reset until it is comfortable for you…

I am excited about the next chapter in my life and want you to be too. What ever the change it doesn’t have to be retirement…

Stay tuned please again “your body is not the only thing retiring”.

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