Processess, process and more process….oh my….

First let me say 😊”Happy Holidays” (for all my politically correct people), “Happy Friends” day (for my new wave thinkers) and I will not use the old term here as not to enrage or annoy others….😶 but for my lack of a new term for this blessed day that came out of a horrible situation for some people….”Have a blessed day” how about that….😶

So, today…I thought I would share my thoughts on this retirement thing at least the second day of it and my mental health…..

Of course I have to talk about mental health…..thats what this blog is about…mental health yours mine and ours…🤔

So, this really is the first day of “my awaking”…No more 4:30am up and at them “Adam Ant”…running to get my breakfast, gobbling it down, getting dressed in the weee hours, hoping my socks match and are not different colors by time I get downstairs in my house or I  got all the eye buggers off my face..😯(not all the times are you awake… even during your shower).

Finally getting into the car and driving 1.5 hours 😱to get to your desk and start the day at 7:00am.

“Man” I am tired just thinking about that….interacting with various attitudes, idiosyncrasies and actions (including my own) for 7.5 hours….mmmmm.

We, you and me (at least some of us)…actually participated in this ritual for many years, although the hours varied the ritual never changed. Think about it, even as a child you did the same thing just with mynute differences😐….really, I will wait….ok see.

As I lay here in the comfort of my giantic bed thinking about the process of getting ready…(we are always in the process of getting ready…right…thats another story for another time…) a smile comes over my face….none of that riggamorow today….yessss.

I do a internal check to see what I am feeling……

a little fear, as I have worked all my adult life. Transition into what…even the best laid plans have hick ups….

Extremly excited as I can now do what I know I want to do with no time presures…the ability to give the type of service I feel people deserve whether they can aford it or not….or whether or not I have enough time, no pressures….man that takes a big burden off….it makes me excited in a happy way…the ability to give back….yes.

Ready, for whatever unfolds. I feel great. No pressure no stresss…that’s today. I also know the holidays have a lot to do with the way I feel…I really do not think that my attitude will change much…that’s today let us see what time will bring.

P.S. have a good day, remember what this day means.

Stay 📻 tuned…

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