Catch-up Time

Well I went…….😊

Ok, so let me back track for some of you that just started reading this…I was on the discovery of the process of retiring…the emotions that came along with it.

Well it really did not happen the way I wanted it to…within the day that I began writing about the process I was so emeshed within it and myself I had not been able to share….so here I am on the other side of this process….RETIRED…..😶

As I reflect back on the days that lead to this I can honestly say it was an out of body process for me…I got up went to work but wasn’t at work for those last days, I was on automatic. So all I can talk about is yesterday at 2:00pm, I sat with our retirement specialist as she explain what I should expect in the next coming months….as she spoke I thought about unrelated things and places…not to mention I had food poisioning that I didn’t know I had….that is a different storie within itself🤢….

When she got around to the finacial part of it she had my full attention….Oh Happy day…I did better than I thought I did…I will not have to go on a self imposed diet to live my best life….signed the paper work… whew it’s done ..just like that.

As I got into the uber on my way back to my retirement party feeeling like pooo🤢…I was happy and sad. Happy for to many reasons to express here😊. Sad because I am leaving a routine I have become accustomed to, people who I liked being with everyday regardless of their moods and idiosyncrasies we all meshed well. I had not been with them for thirty years…just a little over 8 I think but it has been some of the best 8 years of my life to spend with people. It was a good group, my sandy, Sandra B., kelvin O., Ms. Sylvia, my brother Claude, my freshly assigned supervisor Kit cat, Alice,Ms. Patricia, Elena, Wana, Connie, my w group; Toby, Julian, Barb,and those wqas that left, my peek over the wall buddie Ben, Eugenia, Dr. Connies group, Linney,Latrice,Tanseer, Dr. David, Roberta, Helen, Dr. Mario..and all the well wishers you all are the individuals who made my work life meaningful and for that I am so grateful because it is not always like that for so many..

It is done 30 years plus at the same job, doing what I liked best…God is good and the Universe does respond…this has been a long journey that has just began😶.

Next we, my husband and I are now free to look for our next life…we are leaving the midwest behind and not looking back. Don’t get me wrong it has been a good and  challenging run. So for now I am going to just sit for a moment a relish in the fact of whats next…🙂🤔.

I thank you all for your continued support and following

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