Moving, Retirement and the process….Oh My…

The Million Dollar Question

As a mental health professional most people don’t think you have stressors….for what ever the reason is..not…..I am in several of the biggest transitions in my life….

Yesterday, I officially told my place of employment I am retiring. Let me regress and set the stage.

I work for a goverment agency, my position is psychologist. I work from 7am to 3pm and recently returned to work after a year of leave do to a work related accident.

I live in the midwest, I am 1 to 2 hrs in traffic coming and going. I love my job, I have worked in the agency for a little over 30 years in various positions.

Now that you have a little history I will tell you what is going on in my world 🙂

On Wednesday, I awoke at my regular time, 4:30am. I prepared for work as usual, all night I considered my options…”I don’t have to retire, I can continue

no, I ready to go”.

(I imagine many people go through this…vacillating with in the process)

I tell you this your body knows when its time. I got in my car, still considering what to do. I made up my mine (I had been playing with this for over a year or to any way…right Marcia 😅) today is the day.

As I walked the block and a half from the garage on one of the coldest days, my stomach started clinching, my thoughts started running their own way and my heart was racing.

As I entered the building I quickly quieted myself, pulling it together.

I realized as much as I did not want to is time to go. I get through the morning telling my coworkers supervisor and director. The feeling was bitter sweet and complete. I really didnt believe it and still don’t.

I finish my day still in a dream state…knowing I actually am going to retire. This time I’m feeling a little more settled.

I arrive home go to my home office. Look at the multitude of items I need to deal with smile and go to bed….it is 5:00pm.

I am going to leave this here…enjoy. 😊 More to come on my retiring, packing and moving process.

I thank you all for your continued support and following

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