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I am moving….at least in the process still packing…..
So, I was looking for an article that talked about moving and mental health….I really did not think I would fine one…..
Low and behold I did. I enjoyed it and I want to share it with you…so this is a reposted article.

How moving affects your mental health?

Posted on July 3, 2018 by Jacob reposted by talking with donna on 10/06/2019

Moving is a challenge not to be taken lightly, both physically and mentally. After all, with the amount of time and effort you invest, you can’t really expect it to be a walk in the park. However, as most of our clients pitch to their clients – it really doesn’t have to be such a burden. All it takes is for you to make the decision to accept and hire professional help. 

Helping a moving company develop means knowing everything there is about the industry and the processes it involves. So, Movers Development is here today to offer some insight about how moving affects your mental health.

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What part of your mental health can moving to a new place affect?

What are the potential mental downsides of moving?

If you’ve moved in the past, you know the various effect it can have on your mental health when you move. At first, it may feel like all the control is in your hands — after all, finding an affordable place to live couldn’t have been a walk in the park.

But new experiences have been tied to happiness, so it’s not all that bad. And as you’ll see below, moving can actually have some pretty cool effects on your memory. So, let’s look at four things that happen to your mind when you move, according to popular research:

Large amounts of stress through which moving affects your mental health

It really comes hard for people and everyone reacts differently to it. And the larger the family, the more stressful the relocation is. So many things tend to get misplaced – everyone is in a hurry, and if you or someone else doesn’t establish order, it can easily take a turn for the worst. And then there is the fact that you have to find a new home, job, school etc. All in all, a lot of tasks and challenges before you reach that new paradise.

The burden of all that moving can sometimes follow you to adulthood

There are popular studies that have demonstrated how difficult multiple moves can be on adolescents in particular. There is a connection that was established between a poorer quality of life and how moving affects your mental health as a teenager. However, there is something you need to consider here. The subjects that tested positive here were mostly introverts that have difficulties making new friends, which speaks towards the cause of the issue. However, one should still not disregards this easily, given how many introverts there are.

Common movers can demonstrate a disregard for serious relationships

When you move constantly, it’s hard to accept any relationship seriously, because you never know when it could end. Instead, people that relocate often prefer to stay at an emotional distance and avoid letting anyone get too close. This, in turn, creates a mental and emotional bubble for them to hide inside, which can cause complications later on.

Moving affects your memory in a positive way as well

People are more likely to remember events that occur around a relocation. In a recent study, people were asked to recount their most memorable experiences. What they found was that a little over a quarter of the memories occurred before or after moving house. This was later defined as “relocation bumps“, where we retain certain memories when there are easy points of reference, like moving across the country.

There is always a bright side to consider

Yes, moving is difficult and can fall hard on certain individuals. But it’s not all boxes and mental breakdowns. In fact, once the packing, moving, and stress are out of the way – there are many there are many positive ways in which moving affects your mental health. Let’s take a look at the top 4 ways that moving affects your mental health:

#1: Moving translates into a fresh start

Whereas some are terrified of change, there are always those that embrace it with hands open wide. After all – your new residence indicates a new job in a completely new neighborhood, city or even country. And with a new location come, new people, which is very important from a social perspective. This is your chance to re-invent yourself so you might as well use it because you never know how many there will be.

The last thing any of wants is to fall into an endless loop. Same work, same people, same bars etc. – you need something to shake you up a little, and give you the chance to work on yourself and your relationships with others. And what better way to accomplish this than with a relocation? Moving does have the benefit of changing many aspects of your life and allowing for some very exciting moments.

#2: You can develop a completely new view of life

Where you live determines who you are in a big way. And to change that can have a dramatic effect on how you live your life. As a result, you gain the chance to experience an adventurous, interesting lifestyle. And positive changes after adversity can allow you to experience your life in fresh and undiscovered ways and have great benefits to your mental health.

#3: Relocating to a better home improves your overall satisfaction

Psychology teaches us that filthy, small and unsatisfactory surroundings have a negative influence on our mental state. Hence, it is only logical that moving out of a small and uncomfortable apartment can lead to good things. You’ll find that you are much more satisfied with your position in life when you get a new apartment or house that’s clean, modern, and fits your needs perfectly. Therefore, once again – moving affects your mental health in a refreshing manner.

#4: Moving offers the chance for self-reflection

In today’s workaday world, it can often be hard to take time for yourself to reflect on yourself, your accomplishments, and where you are in life. There’s never enough time, so you just keep on going about your business as usual. Moving brings something new to your table. And the longer your trip, the more time you have to reflect on your life decisions and choices. Perhaps this will result in a decision to change professions – maybe you’ll decide to start a small business. The possibilities are endless really. All you have to do is not be afraid to make that first step and “leap of faith“.

As long as you dream big, you can make anything happen.
Moving affects your mental health in many positive ways, you just need to embrace them.

Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issues please get help and know you are not alone.”

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