Shame on you for being mentally ill!

Nope shame on you for being ignorant of any illness outside of a physical illness.

The body/mind or brain is a whole entity. So, if my mind is suffering or psyche is suffering why would I not go see what is wrong?

Why is it sinful or shameful to have this dis-ease, why is it treated in such a manner that here in this rich country “America”…do I see more people of various ages unable to care for themselves, self medicating with street drugs because they can not afford treatment…why do we only consider pharmaceuticals that add other problems to our physical health.

This is preposterous to think it is only one way to do things…SO, AGAIN SHAME ON YOU

I truly appreciate you guys and dolls, if you are not supporting me please do and if you are please continue to support me , here on my blog “Talking with Donna” by liking, sharing, following and rating.

Thank you and ” Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issues please get help and know you are not alone.”

Also go listen to my podcast: (Currently you can listen to past recordings) which gives you mental health information followed with a meditation at the same name… you got it… “Talking with Donna” which can be heard on:, Apple Podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Overcast, PocketCasts and RadioPublic.


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