What is Hope

Hope is what dreams are made of, it is the motivating force toward a goal. It is what allows you to go beyond what you thought you could because during that moment in time you believed in yourself…it made you feel good.

I am working with someone who has told me she has lost all hope in obtaing the things in life she had set out to get…she says she is not depressed just less hopeful of her future…We continued to speak of things important to her and as we began to sort out the why of her goal….(she is pursuing a life style that goes against everything she knows to please her parent) She became aware of her why… a real aha moment.

For weeks she began to identify what she wanted, what her goals where. It started with the question of “what do you want?”. Once she identified what she wanted we began to set reallistic obtainable small goals…she saw movement…she began to plan, we talked about possible challenges, obstacles, self- sabotage and sabotage by proxy.

It took her a while to get where she was going but she got there intact, her less hopeful feelings turned into hopefulness and she continues to use this process: “What do you want?” Identify the pupose of the pursuit. “Is it for you or others?” “Whats your plan?”; write it down, this allows you to see your progress. “How are you going to achieve this?” Break it down into baby steps (you wouldn’t try to eat a whole pie), what are your biggest obsticles, what are the benifits and rewards. Do something everyday toward your goal to maintian your motivation….read, reread and read some more the benefits of your goal…only work on one at a time.

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Thank you and ” Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issues please get help and know you are not alone.”

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Happy hopefulness

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