Observations and Opinions

Lions, tigers and bears oh my…last week, I went to Lincoln park zoo. I was privy to quiet a lot of inspiring views.

Of course not of the four legged type, the 2 legged.

I saw parents with kids on a leash…that concept always blew me why not get a dog collar and leash (I know, I am not the only one who has thought this)….so close your mouth.

I am of old old fashion mind state in some areas of child rearing…I was raised in the time where you listen to your parents, or whom ever was in charge of you. I know I will get a tongue lashing from someone…..guess what…

So again my parents raised us from birth through young adulthood, no seat belts, safety helmets, or leashes. You played outside…no hand held babysiters that entertain us, imagination, pot tops, boxes…we could rule the world. Hop scotch, double Dutch, Chinese checkers, red rover red rover send that kid over….wow what a life. Not everything was great but for the most part you where raised by someone, you knew what was expected of you you did it if you didnt understand you asked for explanation…now its hells bells Loretta let’s just put little botentot right here someone will take care of him….then we wonder what’s wrong with kids, high fructose diets, a pill for everything, a program for everything, chem trails, simulated food, dead air, sick water….then we wonder why mental health issues are increasing in children.
If you take the time to actually spend time with the little person you created the reward is greater than a leash…its called teaching safety from the beginning of life…
So, I am going to leave this right here….just my thoughts.

“Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issues please get help and know you are not alone.”

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Stay tuned 😊

Thank you Emil a pleasant young man in the Navy whom I had the pleasure of fly into Chicago today and whom I happened to share this with…again Emil tell your mother thank you.


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