Gone woman gone

As a mental health professional you are often left with no information about the person you have worked with….so you pray and hope things that you did and the times that you met assisted them in their time of need….you hope that you will see them again, that they have had movement from where they were to a better healthier place….this weights heavily on some therapist…I am one of those…

Then there are times when you get to see the progress the person has made, the movement towards their optimal health and it excites you….their change their ability to see the change and their joy in it….

I have neglected my calling in that I have been soooo busy with thinking no one needs another blog on mental health and with my physical clients that I have not been able to post on either my podcast or my blog…recently to my surprise I recieved several notes on my podcast asking me when will I be recording the rest of my series on anxiety…my heart leep out of my chest…

So there is a need, people are listening…..

This is it….when you feel like stopping don’t, when you think no one is hearing the words coming out of your mouth or on paper there is always someone watching, and listening.

Act like it…blog, record what ever it is you do.. do it as if someone you love life depended on it…forget the numbers…there is someone out there that need a word or two. So to all you bloggers and podcasters who think no one is listening or reading there are people or a person who is….

I want to thank all my supporters and followers who listen to my podcast “Talking with Donna” and all who read my blog “Talking with Donna”.

I will be back with more articles on mental health and meditation next week. In the mean time you can listen to my podcast or catch up if you haven’t already on my blogs various archived post…be back real soon…😘


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