Mental illness

What most people don’t want today is another article on mental health. I feel it is relevant especially today as it appears to be an increase in individuals lacking mental health services. Mental illness is not something we as a people, community, or family must not continue to ignore like a nasty embarrassment.

According to some statistics it can affect 1 in 5 individuals. To me it is as devastating as most medical diseases with some ending in suicide homicide and or death. It is a medical condition that have a variety of conditions or disorders that can affect your life, thoughts, mood and behavior. It can begin early in you life;childhood through late adult. The effects of the disorder can last for life or can be temporary, a person can also experience mutiple disorders together .

Signs and symptoms depends on many variables, factors and circumstances, some symptoms can be prolong feelings of sadness, extreme mood swings, significant increase or decrease in sleep, hearing or seeing things and or drug use…these are a few examples of symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms can resemble physical problems such as unexplained aches and pains. If any of this seems to be something you or someone you know are experiencing seek professional help regardless of what you think. It is better to know than not know, and in the long run you will be on the road to recovery rather than a downward slope of health.